National Service Scheme

Government College Kariavattom is home to two units, Unit 17A and 17B , of the National Service Scheme. Each Unit consists of 50 volunteers and is affiliated to the University of Kerala.

Succession list of NSS Program officers (2006-2021)
Dr. Dinesh Babu K. V: 2006-2008
Dr. Saja K: 2007-2008
Dr. Boban P.T: 2008-2012
Dr. Saji Alex: 2008-2009
Sri. Jayaram: 2009-2012
Dr. Ramesh: 2012-2013
Smt. Baby Shakeela: 2012-2014
Dr. Baiju S: 2013-2018
Dr. Rakhi Balagopal 2014-2016
Dr. Kshama V. Das: 2016-2017
Smt. Sunitha S: 2017-2020
Dr. Raghul Subin: 2018-2021

Dr. Nishad N: 2021-22

Dr. Dhanya C R: 2021-23

Programme Officers(2021-present):

  • Dr. Abhilash A.(Dept. of Zoology)
  • Smt. Parvathy Sobhanan. (Department of Geography)

Student Leaders (2022-24)

  • Mohammed Mithlaj (Dept. of Geography)
  • Fathima (Dept. of Geography)

Student Teams(2022-24)


Student Leaders (2021-23)

  • Ameen Parisa Siddique (Dept. of Biotechnology)
  • Anakha U.(Dept. of Geography)

Student – Teams (2021-23)


Student Leaders (2020-22)

  • Adwaith S (Dept. of Biochemistry)
  • Amala A L (Dept. of Computer Science)

Student – Teams (2020-22)







Student Palliative Care Activity

Vimukthi Activity


  1. Annual Special Camp Report
  2. Nature Education Camp Report



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