Dept of Geography




  • This institution was established with arts subject courses of undergraduate level of University College, Thiruvananthapuram in 1993-1994 with minimum infrastructural facilities.
  • During 1998, the Department of Geography was established with undergraduate level course, B.Sc. Geography.


  • The Department offers B.Sc. Geography course with geography as core and Geology and Statistics.
  •  It follows the syllabus and course pattern prescribed by the University of Kerala.


  • To develop Geography as an enriched discipline.
  • To teach, to spread and to flourish geographical knowledge.
  • To achieve higher levels of academic excellence.
  • To broaden the horizon of subject by starting M.Sc. programme in Geography.
  • To inculcate geographical/natural/environmental values in students.
  • To create awareness about the importance of Geography in the field of Competitive Examinations.
  • To create awareness on Social relevance of Geography in the society and to serve the society.
  • To provide awareness on the environment and mother earth.
  • To protect and to care the environment forever.
  • To make geography as a strong foundation for pursuing higher studies.
  • To create identity as a strong department in our college.
  • To spread knowledge about newly emerging trends and techniques in the subject.


  • We are on a mission to impart to our students maximum academic support and intensive classroom teaching with a friendly atmosphere.
  • We are on a mission to spread, make aware and inculcate to our students, values for environment, nature, earth and for human kind.
  • We do strongly advocate for protection of environment and we have kept our premises green by planting trees, saplings of plants etc.
  • We are working with our own building and three classrooms and well furnished survey lab, project lab and computer lab and we are thriving to introduce new technologies to the disciples, even though there are limitations.
  • We are presently widening our horizons, including infrastructure, in order to introduce M.Sc. Geography programme into our department in near future.
  • We are currently, making the department well connected with its assets and machinery to serve for local bodies and other governmental institutions (educational and non-educational), by offering them support through projects, training programmes and extension activities.
  • We, by including nature camps, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions, extension lectures, day observations into our curriculum, apart from daily teaching, we are trying to mould our students more creative and innovative in academic and non-academic pursuits.
  • We, on our administrative side, are very capable of handling day to day official chores with ease and efficiency and we do keep a warm channel with principal’s office and staff.


  • To Become a Centre of Excellence,  with higher Academic and Non-Academic Scores

 Courses offered

Department of Geography offers undergraduate course in Geography.

  • BSc in Geography


Details of Courses

B.Sc Geography
The core subject is Geography. Complementary subjects are Statistics and Geology.

  • A pass in Higher Secondary Exam of the State or an Exam accepted by the University as equivalent thereto . Must have studied either Geography as one of the optional subjects or any of the following subjects: Mathematics, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science.

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  • Aiswarya. L. S (IV Sem Geography) won Bronze medal in Taekwondo Sport item, 36th National Games held at Trivandrum.
  • Our students are selected for higher education courses in different universities of India, including Jawaharlal Nehru University, Madras University, Madurai Kamaraj University, Kannur University, Govt. Colleges in and outside Kerala etc.