Earn While You Learn

The concept of this programme is to develop entrepreneurship among the students undergoing various courses in the College. Giving the students an opportunity to acquire work experience while learning is extremely important. It can provide skills of employability and strengthen students‟ preparedness to find successful careers. There are many benefits for EWYL Scheme. Most important is mitigation of economically backward students‟ hardships in education due to income shortage, inculcation of dignity of labour including values of hard work among students, enhancement of skills adding to employability, strengthening of resourcefulness to take up better jobs in the future, development of personal interest and preference in the fields of learning, reduction of the sense of alienation in the students‟ minds about what they learn, and transformation of higher education into a self-directed, personal, and life-related enterprise, not always curiosity driven though. . In our country, UGC‟s EWYL Programme was announced in 2004 as part of the comprehensive scheme for universities with potential with excellence. It was launched in the Government College Kariavattom by 01/03/2022.


EWYL Advisory Committee 2023-24

Chairperson Prof (Dr.) Sandia GS (Principal, GCK)
Convenor Dr. Raghul Subin S (Asst Prof. in Zoology)

Dr. Raghul Subin S (Asst Prof. in Zoology)

Smt Anju TE (Asst Prof. in Computer Science)

EWYL HUB Co-Ordinator Dr. Boban PT (Associate Prof. in Biochemistry)

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