College Council

The college council is the decision-making, governing and advisory body of the college and is composed of the Principal, Vice-Principal, Heads of Department, two elected faculty members, Office Superintendent, Head Accountant, Librarian, IQAC coordinator, NAAC coordinator and PTA secretary. The Council shall appoint one of the faculty members as Council Secretary. The responsibilities of council include

  • Framing, reviewing and approving academic policies and programs.
  • Contributing to the strategic planning of the institution.
  • Reviewing and advising on budgetary matters and the allocation of resources.
  • Providing oversight and recommendations on administrative processes, governance structures, and organizational matters.
  • Addressing issues related to student life, including support services, extracurricular activities, and student welfare.
  • Promoting and facilitating Community engagement.
  • Ensuring policies and practices promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the college community.


Member Designation
Prof. (Dr.) Sandhia GS Principal
Dr. Tina Elizabeth Mathew Vice Principal (HoD, Department of Computer Science)
Dr. Jairani PS Council Secretary (HoD, Department of Biotechnology)
Dr. Sini H HoD, Department of Biochemistry
Smt. Princy Raju HoD, Department of Botany
Smt. Sabitha Mohan HoD, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Josna Rajan HoD, Department of English
Ms. Ashwini Ashok HoD, Department of French
Smt. Mereena CS HoD, Department of Geography
Dr. Sabeen HM HoD, Department of Geology
Dr. Prakash A HoD, Department of Hindi
Sri. Manoj KS HoD, Department of Malayalam
Dr. Kumari Sreeja S Nair HoD, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Shafeek Muhammed HoD, Department of Physical Education
Dr. Sajeev D HoD, Department of Physics
Dr. Anjana V HoD, Department of Statistics
Smt. Sunitha S HoD, Department of Sanskrit
Dr. Jeethenthiran HoD, Department of Tamil
Sri. Jayaram VS HoD, Department of Zoology
Sri. Aneesh Kumar R Elected Member
Smt. Suchithra G. Krishnan Elected Member
Smt. Suji S Kumar Office Superintendent
Sri. Vinod Kumar S Head Accountant
Smt. Manjusha R Librarian
Dr. Radhika A IQAC Coordinator
Dr. Dhanya CR NAAC Coordinator
Dr. Raghul Subin S PTA secretary